Bob Baker Marionette Theater’s Something to Crow About! Show

Bob Baker Marionette Theater returns to the Miracle Mile Toy Hall to bring their classic brand of magic and whimsy with a special show each month! Join us for a heartfelt puppet show followed by a meet and greet with your favorite puppets. It’s vintage LA at it’s very best!

This month’s show is Something to Crow About! A glamorous chicken, MISS CLARISSA, as she was billed on Broadway, has retired from the theater.  She will live..according to her last press release…on her “Estate” surrounded by admirers and lovingly cared for by her faithful retainers.  The truth is..that Miss Clarissa, to her chagrin, is now laying eggs on a farm instead of Broadway..and she views her “twilight years” with alarm.  Her “faithful retainers”..Mama and Papa Goat..prove that Clarissa may accept her social security checks with aplomb secure in the thought that “Broadway is not all that glitters.”